Our Story

Ranch Country Meats is located in the heart of cattle country. We offer you the highest-quality beef, pork, and chicken from our local ranchers.

Ask a Saskatchewan rancher what ‘all-natural’ or ‘ethically raised’ is and they’ll smile. Our local ranchers will tell you “It’s how it always been done. Nothings changed.”

Animal welfare is a lifestyle led, a tradition passed down, and a way of life for our family farmers. Nobody know these traditions better than Saskatchewan ranchers, and it’s their passion, care, and hard work that makes our meats the premium product it is.

We strive to use the simplest of ingredients paired with traditional practices to achieve the most savory of flavors. 

 Raised under the wide prairie skies, by the rancher’s watchful eye, the food we prepare is of the utmost quality, the way nature intended.

We use old techniques and the simplest of methods uncommon in modern supermarkets and butcheries. 

We also have taken on more modern techniques to assure the utmost freshness. All meats are vacuum-sealed to hold in moisture, juices, and flavor. 

Giving you the guarantee of farm-fresh meats delivered to your family’s dinner table.

Meet the Schultz Family

Ranch Country Meats is owned and operated by Devin and Lindsay Schultz of Morse, Saskatchewan. 

Devin grew up on a hog farm in North Saskatchewan. He has had a passion for agriculture and homegrown meats since he was young. At eighteen, he moved to Ireland to work on a cattle operation and butcher shop. There he learned the art of butchery and still uses many of the skills learned in Ireland in the shop today. 

Devin and Lindsay moved to the town of Morse in the spring of 2015 and purchased a tiny meat shop on Railway Avenue. From then it has grown from only family-operated to a staff of twelve and the opening of another location in Chaplin in 2019. 

Since 2015, the Schultz family has also grown. Their daughter Addison was born in 2017 and their second child is due from September 2020. A young family with the dream of bringing locally grown, high-quality meats to Saskatchewan.

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